Under Surveillance

‘Under Surveillance’ is a short film, performed and collaborated with residents of Wicklow Grand Hotel Direct Provision Centre during the Summer of 2020. It explores themes of isolation, deportation, integration, racism and the human requirement to belong.

The film consists of 10 short scenes covering a 24 hour period, centred around the entrance to the hotel and set during the first Covid lockdown. We see the transient flow of residents, camaraderie, homesickness, boredom and the mental anguish of awaiting a fate of asylum or deportation with strangers who become family.

Funded by Create Ireland and Wicklow County Council, it will premiere at the Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray, Co. Wicklow, on Thursday 9 December 2021 at 8pm with a short panel discussion afterwards.

The Linen Room

‘The Linen Room’ (Abbey 5×5 2020) Peacock Theatre, 21 February 2020, was performed with ten residents from the Grand Hotel Direct Provision Centre, Wicklow Town, and actor, Kevin Olohan and co-directed with Seamus Quinn. Set in the laundry room, where a local handyman adjusts the machines and his prejudices as each resident enters in search of a free machine and the challenges of sharing your home with strangers who become family.

See review from Maggie Armstrong in the Irish Independent https://www.independent.ie/entertainment/theatre-arts/camaraderie-and-challenges-direct-provision-centre-residents-stage-play-set-in-laundry-room-38997350.html

Abbey Theatre 5×5 2020 https://www.abbeytheatre.ie/5×5-2020/

Photo by Mark Condren, Irish Independent
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Glimpses of High Society with Travellers

(DLR Festival of Inclusion 2019) Lexicon Theatre, 7 October 2019, ‘Glimpses of High Society’ was commissioned by (STAG) Southside Travellers Action Group and performed in collaboration with 9 Traveller women and one settled woman. The stage is set in the ladies’ toilets at a Traveller wedding, where a settled woman with pre-conceived ideas finds herself stranded face to face with Traveller women and where the mirror is the audience.

See review Dublin Gazette

Stage set

The Prodger

‘The Prodger’ toured Northern Ireland as part of the First World War Centenary Commemorations 2016, from the Falls Road to Magilligan Prison to Belfast City Hall. Originally premiered at The New Theatre 2013 performed by Brendan Conroy, Seamus Moran, Frank Melia, Joe Moylan, Patrick Byrnes, and later with Pat Nolan and Directed by Maggie Byrne. ‘The Prodger’ was longlisted for Stewart Parker Trust Award 2014.

Read the Red Curtain Review: http://www.theredcurtainreview.ie/2013/03/the-prodger-new-theatre-dublin.html

The Irish Independent https://www.independent.ie/entertainment/books/the-true-story-of-what-tinas-great-uncle-got-up-to-in-the-great-war-29074998.html

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The 3 Kings

Premiered at Theatre Upstairs in February 2014. Performed by actors Owen O’Gorman, Gary Ó Nuallain, and new-comer Edmund Tucker. A tale of a single father’s struggle to rein control over his two teenage sons, and the loss of a wife and a mother.

‘Credibility, a touch of tenderness, sharp dialogue, and a gentle sense of humour… A bit of a gem’ Irish Independent.

Listen to Raidió na Life interview https://soundcloud.com/rnl/gary-nuall-in-the-3-kings-na

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Irish Independent

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